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What started off as a freelancing venture in 1998 has turned out to be a successful film production company for Mukesh Dahiya; the Director of Dahiya Films Production. Since 1998, he has directed several entertainment videos that span across different genres. Be it for corporate entities or non-profit organizations, his passion and commitment to work has been the same. And the same has enabled him and his production unit to get the strength to provide video services and solutions like no other in the industry.


‘Dahiya Music’ got launched in the early phase under the banner ‘Chanchal Communication’. Thereafter, in 2013, the company got its new name ‘Dahiya Films Production’. Currently, Mukesh Dahiya is the lead director of the production company that handles everything related to video branding needs.


From shooting documentaries and TV serials, commercial advertisements and corporate films, Mukesh Dahiya and his team has done it all with great success. If you’re looking for ways to improve your company brand image or want to highlight your products or services, we are a great option to you. We also provide lead actors, support actors, musicians, and many other professionals, depending on your needs and budget.

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Mukesh Dahiya is an independent documentary, corporate and fiction films, Commercial ads, T.V Serials director and producer.
Mukesh has been working in the Indian film industry from year 1998.
From year 1998-2000 worked as freelancer In year 2000 Started his own Company “DAHIYA MUSIC” under Chanchal Communication. Dahiya music has own projects more than 150 and given more than 2000 successful projects to other companies( Jagdeesh cassettes, Jagdamba series,Saraswati Cassettes,Cheta Cassettes, Chanda Cassettes, Supertone,Superfine,Raja Cassettes,T-series, Shishodiya,& More..) in regional and hindi language.nal and hindi language.

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