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A full-fledged video and film production company, Dahiya Films Production has been in service for several years. During this while, the company has provided requisite services to both national and international markets with distinction. We have lots of experience in the burgeoning world of commercial production, music videos, documentaries, managing different types of political campaigns, short and feature films, infomercials, video-brochures, etc.
There are many reasons why our clients trust us. The amount of content, image quality, and experience we put into projects speak for themselves. Our commitment to our work and the passion with which we deliver our services ensure we get the kind of respect we deserve from our clients. The kind of technical support we provide to the image production market and the latest processing platforms ensure our customers get guaranteed service quality from us each time they contact us.
The formats we provide through Cine-Dreams offer you the highest quality images. Being the ultimate destination in India for video and film production services, Cine Dreams will help in industrial or corporate filmmaking, video documentaries, television commercials, spot advertising, location scouting and recee. Besides these services, we also provide studio and private property hiring, talent casting, music video production, and camera and grip rental services.

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  1. TV production
  2. Video music clips
  3. Film production and development
  4. Video production professionals
  5. Commercial TV and Films
  6. Aerial shots, Air Video, Aerial Photography, Helicam, and Drones
  7. Dubbing and Subtitling
  8. Corporate, Institutional, Security, Inductive, Organizational, and Educational documentaries
  9. HD Digital Video shooting with high technology
  10. Special effects and Digital Editing
  11. Audiovisual production services
  12. Services Pre-production and Post-production

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We understand that every movie production project in India is unique and come with different sets of requirements and objectives. Therefore, we access your requirements strategically and come out with creative solutions accordingly. At Dahiya Films Production, we have an intelligent and experience production team in place that is capable of hiring local resources and using them for executing movie project with utmost efficiency and organized manner.

In having a professional, talented, and experienced team in place, we have been able to deliver successful projects in different places of India, including Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Furthermore, we are capable of providing resources in different Indian cities, like Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, etc.

Being an experienced production house, we are comfortable providing any variety of production works. From TV commercials to documentary production, full scale Hindi movie to wedding videos, fashion photo shoots to new models casting, and many more, we can handle your requirements with full passion and dedication.

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