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Creative Strategy


Content Production


Digital Advertising



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It is a science to understand and build Brands through Communication and media strategy, planning, and buying. Understanding the Product category, the brand, the organization and the consuming audience, its behavior are some critical elements in devising the communication and media strategies. Analytical processes involving data form the basis of Prioritization of markets, consumer segments, building differentiations, media affinities and efficiencies to build gives us the direction to optimize the advertising monies.

The media has exploded in recent times. Digital tools, technology has given so many options to audience as well as brands. The single narrative of Brand has been changed to multi-layered and multi- media communication. Updated Knowledge and experience is the key and critical factor to make sure each penny spent is giving its worth.

Our experience in media buying agency spans more than two decades but each decision is still based on Mathematics. The knowledge of efficiencies and efficacies of each medium is crucial. But, our planning and media buying is purely based on the numbers-exposure to target audience and the quality of exposure. In media today, the big data analytics are crucial to make sure money is not wasted. Each and every resource is important to Brand’s life cycle.

We work closely with several research companies to deliver the most accurate and the latest consumer insights for your needs. The primary and secondary data that we collect from our research partners help us in contributing best to the Brands.