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An end-to-end film production company, Dahiya Films Production can be entrusted with any of your entertainment needs and requests. From branding your company and its services, shooting commercial advertisements and music videos, creating documentaries and providing professionals for your shooting needs, we can handle them all for you.


In India, we serve as a production fixer in New Delhi and Mumbai. Our wide range of production management services is sure to fix your needs within your budget! You just need to make sure to discuss your video needs with us. Our production team will do the rest for you. We deeply understand that every client’s needs are different. Therefore, we put in great efforts in understanding your needs and provide suitable solutions and services. Our creative outputs are generated keeping in mind your branding needs and budget.


For in-depth and strategic solutions, get in touch with us. We have the experience and expertise to handle your projects in the most efficient and organized manner.

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CO – Productions
India has film co-production treaty with many international countries and welcome producers from all over the globe to come and invest in Bollywood films as hindi movies are watched all over the world. We provied one stop line production services if you plan to produce any film in india, right from scripting to casting, equipments to filming location permites and post productions.


DAHIYA FILMS PRODUCTION ® is registered production house. Our knowledge of union rules & regulations enables us smoothly to obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of your choice! As per your budget we can arrange vehicles, accommodations be it luxurious or heritage hotels or budget stay! Travelling by air or trains can be arranged!


Filming Permits India:
Production companies, ad agencies or corporate filmmakers planning to shoot your films, video or TV commercials project anywhere in Indian cities like new Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana ,Punjab or Rajasthan! We can organize filming permits as per your locations needs!

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Complete services are provided to you when it comes to shooting and managing advertisements and promos. Also, if required, we can help identify suitable locations to shoot your advertisements or commercials.

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A full-fledged video and film production company, Dahiya Films Production has been in service for several years. During this while, the company has provided requisite services to both national and international markets with distinction.

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Dahiya Film Production ® can produce a local news story for your tv news channel if you need any celebrity for functions, showroom opening, we have a direct approach to most of Bollywood celebrity who can appear to you!

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We understand that live shows are all about energy, sounds, and sights. This is why our expert team will fuse all these elements together to help you stage live events that you’ll never forget! For Dahiya Films Production.